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    Free-riding is about showing the versatility and beauty of horses; never being satisfied with what you have, or can do, always wanting to push the boundaries of what is possible. Working with horses is my passion and my love, my aim is to share with you the fun in a dream come true. Horses amaze and inspire me on a daily basis, with compassion, imagination and a sense of fun, there really is no limit to what is possible.

    Limited only by your imagination - But always for the Love of horses!





    I have had horses all my life, my godmother gave me my first pony at 6 months old, an 11.2hh welsh mountain pony called Minnie. Like many young girls I started riding before I could walk, I joined the local pony club, but quickly realised that the horse that I had at the time didn't "conform" to the conventional training system, as a result I spent many times hitting the deck. I was told (Quite sensibly really) that I should sell him and get a different horse. I couldn't bare it, I loved him, he was big, black and so beautiful...even when watching him galloping off to the next county after one of the many falls! I decided then that I would just have to get better and that I would, no matter what learn how to ride and train this horse.


    This lead me across the other side of the world where the strict structure of traditional horsemanship in the UK went quickly out of the window and I was now rounding up cattle, working with wild horses (which made mine look like a pussy cat!) for the following few years I worked for some of the worlds top horsemen in many different disciplines of horsemanship, as well as competing in affiliated Dressage, Showjumping and Eventing.


    In 2001 I set up my training centre in Devon gaining a good reputation for starting young horses and working with "difficult" horses. This became "what I did". My work is covered regularly by the British and international Press.


    I am really happy working with troubled horses and their owners, each issue being different to the next. Gaining a horses trust, respect and watching the relationship between horse and owner grow in confidence, seems almost magical at times.


    In 2007 I received a call asking if I would I like to ride a 17hh Primitive Rising Stallion, get him going and maybe compete him.  I have worked with and owned a few stallions before and thought they were lovely but quite frankly a bit of a pain in the backside!


    Marcus came out of the Lorry squawking like a stallion and, nothing he did changed my initial view that stallions were hard work to have around. He is plain bay (not particularly flashy looking) but moved well and had a bold outlook on life. Over the next couple of days I got Marcus ready for my first ride in the round pen, I sat on the fence - with my body protector and hat on, I climbed on from the fence as he was huge!  I put my feet in the stirrups and trotted one lap of the pen I then stopped got off and sat back on the fence stroking his head...I had never felt something like that before in my life the power and gentleness was incredible.  I'm not really sure what I believe in terms of connections but there was instantly something between this horse and I.


    We just adored each other and every day I felt it was a privilege to ride him. He seemed to look after me when I needed him. I felt I could teach him anything. I then set about doing just that…we could canter around reinless, standing up while cantering along, riding with all his mares following us around the field, I still had an issue of size he was so big I couldn't get on from the ground bareback. I had seen lots of times horses being taught to lay down but felt that there was no way I was going to do it using force of any kind, so I was riding one day and I just new that this was the right moment to ask, I was amazed this powerful enormous stallion just lay at my feet, I snuggled up to his neck and we just lay there. 


    This incredible relationship with Marcus was developing, enabling me to focus on  not only turning negative situations with problem horses into positive ones, but also be able to create something really special. Horses are fundamentally who they are but with Marcus there were no previous issues it was simply a case of discovering the possibilities.


    I enjoy the traditional disciplines with Marcus and have competed regularly. He has started really well winning his first competition and his first BE Event but we both love nothing more than coming home and removing the reins!


    Working in this way with Marcus continues to inspire me to develop my other young horses and quickly the FreeRiding Team has evolved. My personal ethos being No Reins...No Rules...No limits!! Simply for the love of horses!



  • Team Members


    Itsie is a 5yr 16.0hh Sports horse his sire is full Connemara and his dam is Becks full sister Hera. 


    Nahla is a 3yr old 14.3hh pure bred Connemara by Shadow's Dun. 


    Atlantis is a 3yr old 14.2hh pure bred Connemara by Robe River Mist.


    Flint is a 1yr old pure bred Connemara by Killaspic Ross.  


    Barney is a 1yr old pure bred Connemara by Killaspic Ross.


    Buck is a pure bred Connemara colt foal by Moyvoon Star. 


    Albert is a 3yr old Miniature Shetland.


    Ernie is 2yr old minature horse. 


    Custard is 4yr old by Sports horse by Marcus out of GEC Exposition he is currently 17.2hh 

    Marcus Aurelius

    Marcus is a 11yr 17.2hh Sports horse stallion, he is by Primitive Rising, out of Merry Legs. 



    Working with horses at Liberty isn't a new thing, in fact it is a skill that is centuries old. What if now in the 21st century we could give horses a real voice and take horsemanship into a whole new world of conversation with not only one horse but a whole herd of them!

    Emma is the first British person to have developed a language that is so well understood by hroses that she can communicate with herds of horses at anyone time, they carry out complex exercises and manoeuvres working as a team.


  • Training:

    Over the past 14 years I have been focused on understanding the behaviour and psychology of horses. For me working with horses goes far deeper than any quick fix gadget or gismo. I don't believe the shortest route is always the best or fastest. My style enables me to support good horsemanship while producing horses for equestrian sports such as Eventing and Dressage.

    I aim to continually improve the way in which I work with horses; I am completely committed to creating and restoring trusting relationships between horses and humans in the most effective manner possible.

    I offer a simple system designed purely to produce a lasting partnership between man and horse
    Understanding the social behaviors of individual horses and being able pick up on the finest details of their gestures builds strong levels of communication. Every horse has it's own totally unique personality, so every partnership has unique features. No two horses can be trained in completely the same way.

    Horses are products of their life experiences and training
    I support training horses in a non-aggressive way based solely on the love of horses.


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  • Sharing The Dream...

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    E-mail: em@free-riding.co.uk

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  • TV & Film

    My passion and love is unquestionably for training horses, so when asked to provide horses for television commercials or programmes naturally I jump at the chance. I feel now that both the horses and I are in a fantastic position to offer something truly special.

    All of my horses work confidently at Liberty (loose) and so for on screen work I really enjoy working out how to teach them to do the required scenes confidently so that everyone can get the shots they need! The horses are trained perhaps a little differently from some, although they learn the scenes as many horses could, because my horses are working at Liberty (loose) everyday they are able to carry out the required scenes with a totally real / natural look which I believe makes a huge difference when you see the final product on screen.

    The horses are the most important to me, which means all of my training and producing horses for specific television work has the highest guarantee that ethically we will get the job done but always with total care and love for the horses.

    This is what people have said about working with my horses and myself. "I saw a photo of one of Emma's horses lying under a Christmas tree, and that gave us the idea for the advert. We particularly wanted to work with Emma's miniatures, since they're so cute. When we told Emma about our plans and asked if the various scenes were possible, she kept telling us it would be no problem, which was great." Sam describes the pony film stars as "super professional, and thanks to them filming went without a hitch" - Sam Fleet from Equine Productions.

    H&C TV's Managing Director Richard Burdett is delighted with the resulting advert: "We haven't got John Lewis' budgets but luckily we managed to secure the talent for our advert" he says. "Our audience will know just how hard it is to train horses in this way so hats off to Emma and Equine Productions, as well as our two equine stars."

    "Emma Massingale delivered her stunning 17.2hh, 12-year-old stallion Marcus Aurelius on set fully trained for his starring role as a Black Beauty stand in, which in itself was no mean feat given the short time we had given her to train him. Marcus arrived looking a picture and every bit a film star, his performance was foot-perfect, allowing the Equine Productions Ltd camera crew to get all the footage they needed in just four short runs along the beach!" - Tracey Lloyd Marketing Manager for NAF.

    All of my horses work extremely confidently in all aspects of Liberty / reinless work either on there own or in groups of up to 9 at once, there really is no limit to what we can achieve with this horses....it just needs our imagination! Please see videos /pictures of some of the work they can do, or if you have an idea do give me a call. 07811198099

    The horses in more detail ....

    Sport horses Marcus - 11yr old 17.2hh TB x WB Bay Stallion

    Custard - 5yr old 18hh Irish sport horse (Marcus's son) (Gelding)

    Itise - 6yr 16hh Irish sport horse x Connemara (Gelding)


    Albert - 3yr old Miniature Horse / Shetland (Gelding)

    Ernie - 2yr old Miniature Horse (Gelding)


    Nahla - 4 yr old Pure bred Connemara (Gelding)

    Atlantis - 4 yr old Pure bred Connemara (Gelding)

    Comet - 3 yr old Pure bred Connemara (Gelding)

    Calypso - 4 yr old Pure bred Connemara (Mare)

    Flint - 3 yr old Pure bred Connemara (Gelding)

    Barney - 3 yr old Pure bred Connemara (Gelding)

    Buck 2 yr old Pure bred Connemara (Gelding)

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    Summer holiday

    Team Training Early Days
    Em Horse Training clips


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    Emma Massingale

    West Stowford,
    Bradworthy, Holsworthy, Devon, EX22 7TR.
    Telephone: 07811198099
    E-mail: em@free-riding.co.uk

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  • More


    A 4 yr old (Currently 17.2hh) Chestnut gelding Sire: My stallion Marcus Aurelius Dam is Becks’s Mother GEC Exposion 

    Custard looks like Becks, chestnut with a large white blaze but is in fact very different, he is very like Marcus (his Sire)very calm and brave and not afraid of anything.  He is a very appealing horse with kind eyes and loveable character. Custard is a rock in the Team and finds it easy to stay calm. His only draw back is his size at 17.2hh and only 4yrs old he has to have time to grow and get strong. He gets tired easily and will often be taking a nap during Team training and his favourite part of Team work is when they all lay down on command!


    A 5yr old Bay gelding  (16.0hh) Sire Connemara stallion Swankie Frankie and Dam is Becks’s full sister Hera.

    Next for the team came Itsie, I wanted another relation to the boys but knew there Dam hadn’t had any other geldings with White faces. Itsie arrived and Custard and Becks were thrilled to see him, they seemed to know that they were related to each other. Custard and Itsie are such good pals. Itsie is the best of both of Becks and Custard; he is very trainable and takes up more of the difficult roles in the formation work. He is a very intelligent horse and will be (when backed) a brilliant jumping horse.


    A Chestnut 3 yr old miniature Shetland

    Albert came from a local horse market the only plus factor was the corporate colours!! Other than that he was just simply wild!

    Marcus Aurelius- 

    A Bay 11 yr old TB x WB Stallion

    Marcus is a horse of a life time, he is a 17.2hh TB x WB Stallion. He came in originally for me to produce as an Event horse, his competition career went well winning his first event then backing this up with places at most of his PN and Novice events. He is now my main demo horse, he is trainable and very kind, and these traits he passes on to his young Stock. (Custard is one of his sons) Marcus works at Advanced Medium level on the flat and is experienced in all areas of horsemanship including reinless.